Monday, August 30, 2010

Mission:Uganda! Thank you!

This past Sunday, we ended our series of 7 exploring missions, our faith, Uganda, and the ministry of YCVM.

All in all, we had a wonderful time:

We give thanks for the committed and heart-felt leadership of Jenny and Wendy - they truly stepped up and stepped out!

We give thanks for the steady accompaniment and mentoring of Becky.

We give thanks for each of you, faithful participants and co-explorers.

We give thanks for all that we learned, practiced, and sought to respond to.

We give thanks for our brothers and sisters in Uganda who continue to pray with and for us as they respond to their call to be in mission.

We give thanks for each and every sponsored child.

We give thanks for the work ahead of us - to discern and understand missions as who we are and that which we're called to as followers of Jesus, to discern next steps of our walk with YCVM, and to be faithful responders to the movement of God in the world.

In conclusion of the Sunday School, a Mission:Uganda! worship highlighted 3 testimonies from Jenny Wong, Wendy Lee, and Aeri Lee.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Message from Rev. Martin Odi

On Sunday, Aug. 1st, CCUMC wired $42,000 to YCVM. Of that amount, $40,000 was designated for building the first wing of the boarding school and $2,000 for the ministry to vulnerable orphans. Below is the response from Board member, Rev. Martin Odi, to an email from Becky regarding the transfer of funds.

Awesome! On behalf of YCVM I am so grateful to hear from you. And thank you for the wire made. Grace our treasurer or Silver will let us know when the funds arrive.

I am glad that we are on the same page, willing to learn and know each other well and build a relationship which is not based on money but on the blood of Jesus Christ. I hope Aeri has a brief profile of each of us. If not I will ask Grace and Silver to compile a few details about each of us in YCVM including the orphaned children so that as the [Sunday School] series go on you will be able to paint a picture of each of us.

Please, as a church family, do remember me in person as I travel in the Great Lakes region of Africa (7 countries) to teach the Good News of the Kingdom and train pastors and church leaders. Specifically I need more of God's love in me then I can love his people, I need to know Christ more and the power of his resurrection, I need to walk in His holiness, I need security in my travel, and home, and I need the hearts of those I teach to be receptive and willing to change.

I am so committed to praying for you all. I love you, and love you and love you.

"The Only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love" Gal 5:6b NIV
Rev. Martin Odi

Summer Sunday School

Summer Sunday School Experience~
We would like to tell everyone about the wonderful Sunday School experience that we have had this past month.  We have not gone to Sunday School since we last taught (so long ago)!  Wendy & Jenny have given us a wonderful experience in learning about Uganda, their history and all the trials and tribulations they are living with day to day and how our church is working with YCVM.  We appreciate Jenny and Wendy's long hours of loving labor in thinking of all the different way to teach us and to keep the adults quiet and interested.  You two are the best and we are all very proud of you.  Keep up the good work, God has blessed us with you both.
Love and peace,
Ed & Arlene

Spiritual Help is On the Way

Spiritual Help is on the Way / Steve Chan-
A small group ministries discernment team has been meeting to discuss and discern the purpose, need and the how-to of launching a new small groups ministry at CCUMC for the last several months. This new ministry is to help build, strengthen, nurture and grow each of us in our spiritual lives. To walk with God, we need to talk to Him. To do his will, we need to know his Word. Participating in a regular small group is designed to help build and strengthen our relationship with God and also to help build and strength our relationship with one another.
At this time, we are targeting the launch of new small groups in October. The first cycle will invite participation for 2½ months (October – mid-December.) The second cycle will convene from January to through the end of February. Small groups will meet weekly during those times. You are invited to begin praying about your participation. We hope that you will consider, intentionally, being a part of this new ministry.
I personally decided to get involved with the discernment team because I realized that I was not walking with God and very probably hiding from Him. Moreover, I was definitely not growing spiritually. I recognized this when I noticed that attending church and Sunday school had become a habit. It was a good habit, but one that did not produce any positive or measurable results. I didn’t love God any more because of it and I certainly didn’t love my neighbor any more. I now know that worshipping God on Sunday is not enough to carry me through this long journey. I seem to be stuck in the same rest station. I go ahead a little bit but always end up back at the same rest station. I have come to the realization that I need to know his Word more deeply in order to walk with Him and to do his Will. I also realize that I need the help and support of others in this journey. So please join me and others in this new possibility!
If you have any questions or would like to know more, please connect with me, Charlie or Pastor Emily. A questionnaire will be distributed soon to get your input. Please keep an eye out for that.