Sunday, November 3, 2013

What if church were ... unending questions, mindful listening, and loving obedience? By: Aeri Lee

When asked to imagine, to envision what church could be, there could be as many variations as there are people doing the imagining, perhaps each according to her own preference or inclination. What if we were asked to imagine what God would envision the church to be? Now this changes the focus from what “I” may want the church to be, to what God would have me/us be as God’s body here on earth.

Maybe that is the question I/we should be pursuing daily and moment by moment: “God, how would you have me, us, your ‘church’ right here, right now, be, do think, and act?” “How can I be ever more completely poured out for the sake of your love?” “How can each of my many identities be wholly about living out your love for the healing and transformation of the world?” “How can I be more ‘church’ as I teach my piano student today, as I take care of my niece and nephew, as I prepare for my assignments, as I interact with my husband, as I … et cetera?”

And after having asked such questions, what if being church means cultivating a careful listening heart that is ready to be lead and guided by that listening? And what if being church meant that we would be perpetually practicing a loving obedience to that “still, small” voice of God that gently but constantly points the way? What if each one of us pursued this questioning, listening, and obedience with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strengths? Would then we be the church God envisions us to be?